Calabria is a fabulous region between two seas and with one of the largest woods in Italy where you can breathe the purest air in Europe.
The legendary Nausicaa Riviera offers history, traditions and fantastic destinations reachable in a short time. There are also numerous routes for hiking enthusiasts. Once here you will have the opportunity of discovering them…

- Serra San Bruno

Contemplation, rule of the Carthusian order, will be the foundation of this tour on the blooming Serre: Mid Calabrian mountain range.

- Pizzo, Tropea.

Flavours and folklore of a people rooted in breathtaking panoramas.


Sersale’s Deep Vales (Valli Cupe) constitute the largest canyon in Europe. An exciting and adventurous experience to be absolutely gained.

Caminia, Copanello

Lovely sandy beaches and cliffs, which create a unique landscape in the Nausicaa Riviera.

Gerace, Stilo

History and tradition: full immersion to retrace the origins of ancient Calabria.

and much more....